Things to know about High Pressure Tanning Beds

Published: 09th October 2009
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With more advanced technology, high pressure tanning bed takes artificial tanning experience to a new level. These super beds afford you better and darker tans in a much shorter duration. What's more, they are a lot safer then their low pressure counterparts.

The high pressure tanning beds are so named due to the type of lamps that come with it. Made of quartz, these lamps measure about 2 inches in length with a high wattage of a thousand. These are fixed behind potent glass filters which permit only express rays of destined wave lengths to pass thru. Also, the pressure of the gases which inhabit the space within the quartz lamp is at a far higher level then in the standard atmosphere which is why the beds are known as 'high pressure.'

The safety features of this new bed are quite revolutionary in its own way. The filters present prevent the majority of the dangerous ultraviolet ray B from passing thru while making sure that the amount that does pass in satisfactory for melanocytes ( skin cells ) kick. The ultraviolet A light which hits the skin melanin is therefore , much safer and offers a good tan with a noticeably reduced probabilities of skinissues. Or, the low pressure tanning beds are not able to filter the rays in the same manner and permit a bigger share of ultraviolet B rays to pass ( between 4-6% ), thus, increasing the possibilities of possible damage to the skin.

Yet another positive aspect of these tanning beds is the time they need to give you a good tan. With high pressure tanning beds, three to five tanning sessions are enough for you to get a good base tan. Since these beds do not allow the ultraviolet B rays to reach your skin, the negative effects of tanning are reduced to a great extent. As a result your skin retains the moisture and holds the tan for a much longer time. These tanning beds offer a tan that needs less maintenance. The tan procured by these tanning beds can be maintained by two to three tanning sessions per month.

With high pressure tanning beds, you get to save both your time and money. You only need a small amount to get a base tan with these tanning beds. You also save in terms of the maintenance cost of the tan that is procured via these tanning beds. However, the best part about these tanning beds is that they give you a much deeper and authentic tan.

To sum up, high pressure tanning beds are a safe and a pocket friendly way to get that bronzed look. Considering their pros, these high pressure tanning beds are certain to be gigantic in the tanning industry.

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